what makes cocaine fish scale

what makes cocaine fish scale

My description of cocaine is for the purpose of those who have heard of it but may have not actually seen it. fishscale cocaine for sale  If you are wondering if your cocaine is fish scale, I suggest getting a second pair of knowledgeable eyes on it or even two sets of eyes that have more knowledge about fish scale cocaine.

And even though it’s assumed to be more pure than other forms of cocaine, it’s just an assumption and should not be assumed that your fish scale is a much more pure Product, Heroin for sale or that the Purity content of it is an unrealistically high percentage. fishscale cocaine for sale  Again, without the proper lab testing of it, the purity and types of cut that could be in it is only speculation.

If your fish scale does everything and gives you the stimulant effect that you are looking for, what makes cocaine fish scale  shouldn’t mean that it’s okay to assume it’s and much more. Product. fishscale cocaine for sale  The fact it works for you may not work for someone else.

Just because your lab tested fish scale came back at a 85 to 90% purity doesn’t mean it’s okay to assume all fish scale is the same. You can only go by the results of the particular fish scale that you had tested.

Fish scale cocaine, we all talked about it, the general notion is that it’s typically a more pure product. Everybody is in agreement that in its most common form it’s flaky, fishscale cocaine for sale  usually about the size of your pinky fingernail or smaller and has a shiny almost have pearlescent look to it when caught in the glare of the light.

And of course it usually starts out as a larger lump of cocaine with the same shimmery pearlescent look and Buy Fentanyl powder online then can be broken off in sections until it gets typically the size of your pinky finger now, some flakes could be larger but with my experience the size of the average pinky finger now is a good way to describe it and in a lot of cases it’s a bit smaller.

fishscale cocaine for sale 

The flakes are normally somewhat round or oblong shape, but don’t really have a particular certain shape. They are usually not very thick. Fish scale cocaine gets its name because it looks like the scales on a typical fish.supreme carts When caught in the glare of the light it Shimmers and has a slight pearlescent look into it. Some say it shimmers others will describe it that it looks like it’s went when it’s caught in the glare of the light.

fishscale cocaine for sale 

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