Cocaine with best purity

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Cocaine with best purity

Tucibi or pink cocaine became popular during the eighties when many other synthetic drugs also came to light. In 1985 the government made Ecstasy an illegal drug. That made Tucibi even more popular. Finally, in 1994 the United States government made 2C-B illegal. Little by little, the rest of the world made it illegal as well. Then the drug was known as “Nexus.”.

In Buenos Aires, Tuci is snorted, while in Colombia and Europe it is taken orally. The doses also vary greatly. In Argentina users buy it by the gram, which in other countries can last for various nights or be shared among a group.

Pink cocaine, which is also known as “Venus” and “Nexus,” is a hallucinogenic designer drug first manufactured in Europe. Users can ingest it in powder or pill form. The effects of pink cocaine have been described by users as a cross between ecstasy and LSD.
Pink cocaine has become the drug of choice among fish scale coke affluent users in Colombia’s urban area, supplanting ordinary cocaine, authorities said. Pink cocaine has gained popularity despite the fact it costs up to $75 (USD) per dose, compared to $5 (USD) for a gram of ordinary cocaine.

My friend tells me its pure, but no coke is 100% pure from what ive heard, it is very unlikely, but if its the best hes ever had, its much better than what im used to, because his normal shit is awesome, and he said it wasnt that great.

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He will only sell and deal in large quantities, i dunno if that means much, but if this “pink Peruvian” is what hes gettin, im gonna have to try out an 8 ball this weekend.

Pink crystal is no mystery,the color comes from the precursor:eek:.t.c. pseudoephedrine.There are some Mexicans who impart color to their product:Red,green,blue,and yellow.Of course there are those morons who tried to elicit some of the cache from that product and stupidly pink cocaine used chalk to color their material…

There is also pink heroin. In Thailand and Malaysia there is a brand of #3 heroin called “Red Rooster.”It gets its color from a non degradable dye[its used for smoking and not injection].

Now I’m not saying this couldn’t be coke. But why not just look at the obvious choice, and the most likely.. Most crank is pink. I think most of what youll find is pink, when it comes to crack. and While I’m not saying thats what it is (he has) I’m not there to tell what he has, but it is possible and more likely. bolivian flake Now like I said I addmit that it’s possible it is coke I have seen it pink before.. but that was when I went with my sisters husband out to L.A. he got some coke that when I looked at it I asked him if it was crank.


Effects of the drug

Tucibi has physical and psychological side effects. Small doses cause sensory amplification. That means that everything that the senses perceive is heightened and intensified. We see the following effects with higher doses:

Visual and auditory hallucinations.
Seeing unevenness or shininess in objects.
Wanting to laugh, sometimes accompanied by feelings of anxiety and restlessness.
Feeling especially clever.
More aware than usual of your body.
Sudden mood swings.
In very high doses, buy cocaine online
the drug causes feelings of fear and even panic attacks.
The most common physical side-effects of pink cocaine are an increase in blood pressure, pupil dilation, blurry vision, dizziness, and insomnia. We don’t know a great deal about the long-term side effects. However, we do know that prolonged use tends to cause severe cases of anxiety, depression, and difficulty sleeping. buy crystal meth

online We don’t know exactly how addictive it is.

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